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We specialize in the design and relandscape
of your yard. We remove all existing rock and
will replace with new rock. We cut and grout flagstone for
patios or walkways. We provide tractor and trenching
services. We install and maintain complete irrigation
systems consisting of sprinklers, bubblers, and drips.
Using only the best materials available.

We provide monthly or bi monthly residential
and commercial maintenance services.
Consisting of trimming, mowing, weeding, debris clean
up, and haul away. We also provide dethatching and
scalping of lawns. We provide desert type landscape

Deep Root Feeding:
We provide high pressure deep root fertilizing of all,
shrubs, trees, and fruit bearing trees. Using tested and
proven chemicals that are designed to control the
nutrients in the ground that is needed for healthy
growth. While also assisting in eliminating alkaline,
salt, and caliche that is found in Arizona soil. This has
proved to be an effective treatment for over 30 years. Then
after we Fertalize we will rake any hose marks and sweep any
rocks on driveways and walkways.